How much fun is it to play Amsterdam Bubble Football outside in the summer or spring! You can of course also play outdoor bubble football all year long, and you can play an outdoor game of Zorb Football in Amsterdam every day of the week! But we recommend to play outdoors form 1 March – 1 October! So in the winter we recommend you to play Indoor Bubble Football. Our outdoor field is located only 10 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station, so very easy to get to.

Once the whistle starts for the game, everybody flies straight in. There is a lot of bumping, rolling, bouncing and laughing on the pitch! Bubble Football is now one of the most popular group activities in Amsterdam. Ideal for a sports team, bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday or any other occasion.

Additional Services
To remember our fun activity even better we offer a Photographer and/or Movie Maker service. There will be someone taking pictures or shooting movie footage of your event. Afterwards we will edit the movie and/or pictures, so they are ready to send to you. We will send the material to you via WeTransfer. The photographer would cost € 75,- and the Movie Maker is € 175,-. This can be added to your booking in our booking system.

Book Your Event
In order for us to facilitate your Amsterdam Zorb Football event as good as possible we ask you to provide the following information in your request:

– How many people will be playing?
– How many Bubbles you require?
– Date & Time of event?

The Outdoor Zorb Football starts from € 250,- (incl. taxes). You have an option to play for 1 hour or 1,5 hours. If you like we can also arrange transportation for you.
There are no changing or shower facilities at the outdoor bubble football location.

Click here to book your Bubble Football event!

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions!

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